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Tone Bender Fuzz

British Pedal Company Tone Bender Pro MKII OC81D Fuzz Pedal


TONE BENDER Fuzz mk1.5 PCB (VOX JEN Tonebender Board MKI.V)


OHMFECTS Delorian Bend Handmade Fuzz Pedal - Tone Bender MKIII Colorsound Sola


Sola Sound Tone Bender mkii fuzz boutique guitar effect pedal


Creepy Fingers Mostratono - Tone Bender


Sobbat FB-4 Octave Fuzz - Octave Fuzz - Tone bender fuzz


Tru-Fi Zosa Fuzz Guitar Pedal - Vox Tonebender OC75 NEW - Authorized/Gift


JMI Tone Bender Professional MKII Fuzz Limited Edition Pedal Made in England


Tonebender MKII clone


Vox V829 ToneBender Germanium Charged Fuzz  near Mint Condition NO GIG USE


Supro Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal Big Muff Tone Bender Fuzz Face Excellent


Original Circa 1993 Colorsound Tone Bender Fuzz MKIII Grey & Orange Guitar Pedal


Bearfoot FX Bone Bender MKI Tone Bender Fuzz Pedal BB1


Guitar Fuzz pedal Prototype Kraut Box Fuzz Tone Bender 




Jimmy Page MKII Tonebender tribute pedal RETRO CHANNEL THE FUZZ


Tone Bender Mark III 3 Reissue - British Pedal Company - Distortion/Fuzz


Ramble FX Twin Bender V3 Tone Bender Fuzz Pedal


Super Electric MkI - Germanium Fuzz Pedal Tone Bender


Vintage Sola Sound Tone Bender Fuzz MK3


JMI Tonebender Professional MkII LIMITED EDITION, December 2009, Mint condition


Manlay Sound Ronno Bender Pedal - Amazing Tone Bender Clone!


Super Electric MkII - Germanium Fuzz Pedal Tone Bender


Arc Effects MKII Tonebender


Twin Bender by Ramble FX | Based on two of the great Sola Sound Tone Benders


Colorsound Tone Bender Fuzz


TTAudio MK1 Fuzz Tone Bender MK1 Fuzz Clone


DAM 1965 Green and Gold Tonebender MK I Pigdog Sola


Tonebender MKII DIY Kit - Germanium Fuzz - Guitar Gear Workshop


Mojo Gear Professional MkII Fuzz Effect Pedall Tone Bender with OC81d trans